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Berlin as a formerly divided city had after the fall of the wall a lot of open space, which had been frequently occupied; great clubs and bars originated, like the Bar25. Also districts like Prenzlauer Berg aspired because of cheap flats for young people and became famous for cheap life and nightlife.
Today the most of the open areas are sold and the citizens of Prenzlauer Berg became older and families. The city is changing – and a lot of the suburban locations were forced to close or to move to another place, like Neukölln or still Friedrichshain. Kreuzberg has always been a hip place and we think it will be.

So for now, which great places are there in 2014? Where can you enjoy the scene way of living of Berlin?
Of course there are still enough locations and we'd like to introduce you some of them:

An absolutely "in" location is the "Klunkerkranich" ( means "wattled crane"), it came to life through the festival "48 hours Neukölln" in 2013. It's located on the roof of the Neukölln Arcaden (sixth floor by elevator) and a mix between garden, beach bar and club – you got a great prospect over berlin! The music style is mostly electro and the opening hours are between 10:00 am until midnight.

The owners of the Bar25 bought their land back and built up a new, small artists' village called "Mörchenpark". For now it's more a park with a bar, next to spree. Finally it will be finished in 2017, but they already openend the area this spring. And if you've ever been to the Bar25 or Kater Holzig you know: These guys know what they do and always got their own, special style – it's worth to do visit!
It's open from tuesday till sunday and 2 pm until midnight and located at Holzmarktstr. 25.

Wilde Renate
Ok, the doormen aren't very nice and it's not easy to get in, so you should think before about alternative locations around Ostkreuz (for example Suicide Circus, also great) – but if you're in, it's great: In the garden is a ship hanging down from a tree, the house is a former living house with a lovely-kitchy living-room charme. Every room got an access to next, you'll find enough beds to relax and the dancing areas (electro). The partys at Wilde Renate are long and exuberant, often until sunday evening.

In opposite to the previous locations the Yaam is a club and location for black music and urban sports like streetball, footbag, soccer, skateboarding and climbing. Like the Bar25 they had to move out – but the new location is like the past next to the Spree, now at the "Schillingbrücke".

You know other great suburban locations you miss here? Tell us by commenting this articel!

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