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Biosphere Potsdam - Tropical Paradise in the City

The biosphere Potsdam is a tropical greenhouse at the Volkspark Potsdam between „Park Sanssouci“ and „Neuer Garten“. The terrain was formerly used for military and was newly arranged for the National Garden Show in 2001. The construction cost nearly 29 million euros and was funded with 21.5 million from state funds. In May 2009, a butterfly house was opened with 350 free-flying exotic butterflies.

The tropical house, which counts more than 7000 square meters, hosts over 20,000 magnificent tropical plants with 350 different species, trees with more than 14 meters and a lake with a waterfall. At the biosphere also live tropical animals such as iguanas, snakes, spiders, frogs, praying mantises, free-running geckos and pheasants. In terrariums, aviaries and underwater worlds they represent the tropical wildlife. An hourly storm with thunder and lightning, tropical rain and fog make the visit a special adventure.

On several levels they used soil, water and air as elements for the design of the biosphere. The concept Nature Adventure World and venue with special topics related to nature distiunguishes from classical botanical gardens. In winter months there are regularly evening events for adults and children to experience authentically the tropical world and the magic of the nature. They offered a treasure hunt, a jungle adventure or tours through the flora and fauna of the rainforest with many different research stations.

Besides, many questions will be asked: Where did the mangrove get their water, why its roots seem to float in the air and why mudskippers feel so comfortable here? How do animals colors and how does it looks inside a tree? All these questions will be answered in the tropical paradise.

There are summer for 365 days a year, which makes a visit especially appealing in the autumn and winter months. Visitors can unwind and get a fascinating view into the diversity of the tropics and the rainforest.

Half a day should be scheduled for a trip, the entrance fee is between € 7.80 and 11.50.

In addition, the Biosphere Potsdam offers three tropical Event venues, the "Orangerie", the "Tropical Camp" and the restaurant "Luncheon", which can be rented for private and corporate events.

It can be reached by public transport. It takes one hour from the City Hostel Berlin. We recommend a subsequent visit of Sanssouci Palace, which is also located in Potsdam and since 1990 under UNESCO protection as a World Heritage.

Biosphäre Potsdam, Georg-Hermann-Allee 99, 14469 Potsdam,

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